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We connect entrepreneurs

with the insight and support

to become investor ready.

Our Story

Our story starts with our Venture Capital partner, Thundering Herd. Thundering Herd is a Venture Capital Investment Platform focused on identifying unique early stage private equity investment opportunities.  Through their experience in dealing with start-ups, Thundering Herd has identified two common problems from those approaching them to seek funding for their early stage venture. Firstly, many start-ups seeking funds from Thundering Herd are not investor ready and are therefore unsuccessful in accessing capital and secondly, early stage ventures are often found to be inefficient in their use of capital to become investor ready, due to the ineffective engagement of professional service providers. The solution is MyPitchKit - an online educational program that connects entrepreneurs with the insight and support to become investor ready.

Our Mission

We are driven by the desire to help outstanding entrepreneurs and their start-ups become investor ready and will back the most promising start-ups with a $25,000 equity investment.
Our mission is to get to as many start-ups as possible, as early as possible in their process, to help them understand what is required to be investor ready and connect them with professionals who will help them be ready to bring external investors on board.

Our Values

MyPitchKit seeks to put entrepreneurs in control by demystifying what is required to become investor ready. We seek to equip entrepreneurs with the insight and language and help them engage effectively with the best service providers through access to our Community of Practice. 

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